The Brand

A limited collection of only 77 pieces


Give us a chance to introduce you to the next hottest accessory, the Pomegranate Bag by Vann Adrik® .

The functionality and creativity of this bag will make it your next go-to piece. The Pom Bag was created by envisioning the amalgamation of comfort, style and the bold color of crimson. The mastermind behind the design of this awe-worthy bag is the designer of the moment Vanuhi, who was inspired by the royal envisage of the pomegranate.


The Fruit of the Legends

For thousands of years, pomegranate has remained a sign of royalty, wealth, fertility, sexuality and beauty. However, these are just some of the elements that represent pomegranates. The legend surrounding Hades and Persephone doesn’t come as a shock, once you get a look and taste of this fruit with crystallized bead like seeds. 



This bag was designed with an aim to channel the power, wealth and exclusivity that the fruit represents. The functionality and beauty of this bag is warranted to bring you comfort and ease.


How Did The Pom Bag Come To Be?

The brand Vann Adrik is influenced by years of hard work, determination and an aspiration to excel in art and artisanship.  Each bag is single-crafted by hand using the finest materials.


The inspiration of all of the collection pieces can be traced back to the pomegranate symbol that can be associated with almost every culture. The designer aspired to stay true to her roots and to represent the same symbols associated with pomegranate.